Ackley Bridge | Series 3

14 January 2019
Filming starts on series 3 of Ackley Bridge, produced by The Forge Entertainment for Channel 4. Commissioning editor for Channel 4, Manpreet Dosanjh said, “We’re thrilled that our beloved Ackley gang are returning to Channel 4… …for what is sure to be another joyful, outrageo... read more

Nescafe Dolce Gusto | Morning Greatness

5 November 2018
The new Nescafe Dolce Gusto, ‘Morning Greatness’ Channel 4 Breakfast sponsorship campaign kicks off today, with music produced by Sync Music and Julian Bayliss. The campaign comprises a different mood/theme for each day of the week from Hide (Monday) to Relax (Weekend). The music for Mon... read more

Studio 17: The Lost Archives | Feature Documentary

21 September 2018
Post-production is underway on award-winning documentary and feature film director, Mark James’ new feature documentary, Studio 17: The Lost Archives. The film tells the story behind a newly discovered treasure trove of tapes from Studio 17 – also known as ‘Randy’s’ ... read more

Postcards From London | UK Release

21 August 2018
Feature arts film Postcards From London has received its official UK release from Peccadillo Pictures. Written and directed by Steve McLean, and starring Harris Dickinson, Leonardo Salerni, Jonah Hauer-King and Raphael Desprez, Postcards From London is a unique and imaginative portrayal of The Racon... read more

BFI Flare | London LGBTQ Film Festival

12 March 2018
BFI feature film, Postcards From London will receive its European Premiere at the BFI Flare. London LGBTQ+ Film Festival, which runs from 21st March until 1st April at BFI Southbank. Postcards From London will close the festival on 1st April. The film tells the story of Jim (played by Harris Dickins... read more

Trust | Danny Boyle

27 October 2017
Sync Music is excited to have been asked to contribute to forthcoming Danny Boyle USA TV series, Trust. Sync Music was engaged to produce bespoke arrangements of specific music titles for diegetic use in the production. Sync Music’s Julian Bayliss stepped up to the plate. Coincidentally, one o... read more

Postcards From London | Julian Bayliss To Score

28 May 2017
Julian Bayliss has been attached to score Steve Mclean’s BFI-backed feature film, Postcards From London. The film tells the story of Jim (played by Harris Dickinson), a young man so beautiful you’d think a Greek sculpture had just come to life. With no future in the cultural-desert that ... read more

The Orchestra of Syrian Musicians | with Damon Albarn and Guests

28 July 2016
Africa Express, which has been hailed as the most revolutionary force in popular music for two decades, is all about cross cultural collaboration. It brings together musicians from different cultures, genres and generations to break boundaries and offer a new perspective on Africa and its music. The... read more

Return To Montauk | Oscar-winner Volker Schlondorff

22 May 2016
Sync Music supervision duo Christian and Ru are attached to Oscar-winning film director Volker Schlondorff’s new feature, Return To Montauk. The feature, starring Stellen Starsgard and Nina Hoss, tells a story about Max, a man who meets and falls in love with a young woman during a book tour... read more

The Co-op Food | Spring 2016

15 April 2016
The Co-operative Food has launched their Spring campaign and it’s all about thanks. Ever popped into a Co-op store and come out with more than you went in for? It’s an experience that the Co-op’s customers will recognise in the Spring campaign. Conceived by Andy and Ed for Leo Burn... read more