Ackley Bridge Series 3 Finale | Both Sides Now

7 August 2019

The series finale of Ackley Bridge left viewers in tears last night as central character Nas departed the town having scattered her best mate Missy’s ashes from a hill top, bathed in the amber glow of the setting sun – the scene sound tracked with a heartfelt cover version of Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now.

In addition to the inevitable question ‘will there be a fourth series?’ many fans of the show have been left asking who it was that performed the cover of the Joni Mitchell¬† heartstrings-tugger.

Well, incredibly, through the power of YouTube, Filipino singer Keiko Necesario first recorded her version of the song back in 2016 and uploaded it to the platform. She was both delighted and amazed, when first contacted by Ackley Bridge’s Music Supervisor, Christian Siddell, to receive the news that the series’ producers had chosen her version to be included in the show.

Ackley Bridge production executive, Alex Lamb, said of Keiko’s recording, “It appeals to a broad swathe of our audience, older adults who know the original and a younger audience who will appreciate the arrangement. Keiko’s version is truly beautiful. Her voice is haunting and captivating, It really pushes the emotion of the scene.”

The collaboration has resulted in a large amount of exposure for the young Filipino in the Asian press as well as UK and the USA.

Fans of the show commented on Twitter:

“What a song !!!!! #AckleyBridge”

“The tears are streaming down my face scattering Missy’s ashes, the skip leaving and that beautiful song being played”

“#AckleyBridge does anyone know the name of this song”

“The song in Ackley Bridge right now is breaking my heart”

“#Ackley Bridge what song was playing in the final scene?”

“Does anyone know what the song used at the end of #AckleyBridge last night was?”

“[Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell cover) – Keiko Necesario] Just Beautiful”

“This ending is too much, it’s so beautiful”

“I am a mess bawling my eyes out right now #AckleyBridge”

“I’m an emotional wreck #AckleyBridge”

“Outstanding series, outstanding acting and I cried for the last 20 minutes”

“It hurts but it ended incredibly”

“Really emotional watching the last episode last night”


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