The Co-op Food | Christmas 2015

12 December 2015

The Co-operative Food is spreading Christmas cheer this year by encouraging people to surprise eachother with random acts of kindness.

The creative of their 2015 campaign, devised by Leo Burnett, sees a young man popping out to pick up some ice cubes, sliding across the icy streets.

On his way to his local Co-op he notices an elderly man attempting to leave his home but goes back indoors when he realises the slippery conditions.

As the young man picks up some ice, he also adds other items such as cheese, a box of chocolates and some smoked salmon. On his way back he leaves a bag full of items in front of the old man’s house.

The ad aims to illustrate the real magic of Christmas, which contrasts the glitz and glamour approach adopted by many of Co-op’s competitors.

Appropriately and humorously the film is subtly synced to a recording Maurice Ravel’s ‘Bolero’ which most people will be recognise as the music that Torvill and Dean skated to victory to at the 1984 Winter Olypmics.

The selected recording was recorded by the Moscow Symphony Orchestra for Aktua Classical. Recording sourced and cleared by Sync Music.

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