Nick Holywell-Walker

Nick Holywell-Walker is embroiled in a life-long love affair with music, which began in childhood on a dilapidated piano in the small family home. Sheer selfishness kept him playing it long after he had been asked to stop. After becoming an accomplished player, he poured his energy into music, initially eschewing classical training in favour of synthesisers, samplers and whatever else he could get his hands on. When his school took delivery of a multitrack studio setup, nobody else, including the teachers, knew what to do with it, so he stashed it away in a quiet room and rolled up his sleeves.

Introduced to Pink Floyd and The Beatles by his Gran, he quickly became obsessed with records, hi-fi systems and anything connected with them.

After recording his self-produced debut album at 18, he then trained as a sound engineer and took on board the computer technology that was starting to emerge, moving to London in 1992 and taking the studio tea-boy route to building production skills.

In 1994 he joined seminal UK band Killing Joke as keyboard player / programmer, performing and recording with them globally for the next 11 years alongside luminary producer + bass player Youth, who was to become a huge influence. Killing Joke frontman, Jaz Coleman, encouraged Nick to learn orchestration, which set him off on a unexpected journey that has continued to be a huge part of his sonic arsenal.

A six year stint with leading London media music house The Music Sculptors, kicking off with orchestration of the BAFTA winning animated film " First Snow of Winter" in 1998, led to a huge range of works ranging from TV Drama, Feature films to TV Idents and Adverts- leading Nick to set up his own company A Tune a Day in 2003, which has been a consistent success since.

A singer / songwriter in his own right, he fronted UK band 30,000 Days, releasing an album in 2009 to critical acclaim. He is as comfortable fiddling with a bank of vintage synthesisers as he is playing a Steinway grand or ukulele.

His love of a virtually unlimited range of musical genres has been a contributing factor in his attraction to the constant variety in media music production- consequently his passion and mastery in all areas of music production, plus a long history of communicating happily with creatives of all kinds, make him a valuable asset to whatever project he is working on.

Nick’s recent clients include AMV-BBDO, BBH, Radiant Studios, Discovery, Tonic Music, Black Sheep Music, Turquoise, Gravity Road, GSDM (Austin), HiFi (New York), EMI production music.

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Apple CiderNick Holywell-Walker2.09167Acoustic/folkRelaxing, ruralPlay Track: Apple Cider
Cheerful Whistlern/a0.5094Acoustic pop/folkChirpy, cheeryPlay Track: Cheerful Whistler
Cinematic Slow BuildNick Holywell-Walker2.36120Piano and stringsStirring, buildsPlay Track: Cinematic Slow Build
DelicatessenceNick Holywell-Walker2.3068Piano and stringsSerious, contemplativePlay Track: Delicatessence
Good To Be HomeNick Holywell-Walker0.5176Acoustic rock/pop bandBright, popularPlay Track: Good To Be Home
Happy Reggae WhistlerNick Holywell-Walker0.3287Reggae/ska bandPositive, summeryPlay Track: Happy Reggae Whistler
Harmonium GlitchNick Holywell-Walker2.0160Piano, strings, beatsFantasy, trip-hopPlay Track: Harmonium Glitch
It Must Be LoveLabi Siffre1.0075Ukele, brass and reggae bandHeartwarming, upliftingPlay Track: It Must Be Love
Snowbound WaltzNick Holywell-Walker2.03120Strings, bells, vocalsWintery, fantasyPlay Track: Snowbound Waltz
Sun On Highway OneNick Holywell-Walker2.18112Acoustic folk bandPastoral, dynamic, positivePlay Track: Sun On Highway One
Swarovski Orchestral ↩
Hip Hop
Nick Holywell-Walker0.52100Orchestral, drum-beatMotivational, inspiringPlay Track: Swarovski Orchestral Hip Hop
The Great HouseNick Holywell-Walker0.5479Piano, orchestralHeavenly, blissfulPlay Track: The Great House
Vocoder ChorusNick Holywell-Walker2.07120Vocoder, electronicCosmic, trippyPlay Track: Vocoder Chorus
Western FrontierNick Holywell-Walker0.22164Orchestral, acoustic guitarJoyous, exhilaratingPlay Track: Western Frontier
WinterspellNick Holywell-Walker2.25137Orchestral, bells, vocalsImaginative, wintery, magicalPlay Track: Winterspell
Yesterday's SongNick Holywell-Walker2.02124Acoustic rock/pop band with stringsLonging, amiablePlay Track: Yesterday's Song
Noisy Neighbour
Noisy Neighbour
The Last Word
The Last Word
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