I Am Nasrine, the film about a young Iranian girl who is sent to the UK after falling foul of the Iranian regime, has been nominated by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in the category Outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer.

The film's director, Tina Ghavari of Bridge + Tunnel Productions, said of the nomination, "I am absolutely overwhelmed. To be nominated for a BAFTA is like winning one - it's just such an honour".

The film follows a young Iranian girl, Nasrine, who is sent to the UK to escape the Iranian regime. She soon falls in with Nichole, a girl from the local travellers' community in Newcastle, and begins to taste real freedom for the first time, much to the dismay of her brother, Ali. But the new culture is also affecting him more than he realises and before long world events and personal traumas change their lives forever.

To film in Iran, Tina and her crew pretended to be shooting a different film, assisted by a team of Iranian filmmakers who risked their lives to help her tell the story of what was happening in their country. Tina then had to smuggle the raw footage out of Iran.

"Our goal with I Am Nasrine is to show how and why young refugees and asylum seekers end up living in places like Tyneside and to highlight the challenges they face growing up in a new and very different country", says Tina.

"Hopefully this film will lead to a law change that allows asylum seekers to work while their claim is processed and it will raise awareness of how the current situation discriminates against asylum seekers and forces them into the black economy and gives them a second trauma".

The award winners will be announced on Sunday 10th February at London's Royal Opera House.

Sync Music is the credited Music Supervisor on I Am Nasrine.