Sync Music and Bridge+Tunnel Productions have
been nominated in the 2014 Music+Sound Awards
in the Best Sync / Use of Existing Music in a Feature
Film category for the placement of Tears For Fears'
Everybody Wants To Rule The World in the opening
title sequence of I Am Nasrine.

BAFTA-Nominated feature film I Am Nasrine tells a
story of human rights and self-discovery following a
brother and sister from Iran who move to the UK to
escape persecution.

The film's patron, Sir Ben Kingsley, described it as,
"An important and much-needed film".

Keith Best, Chief Executive of Freedom From Torture
said of the film, "We are all much more thoughful and
potentially better people for the insights this film gives".

Such is its signifiance that I Am Nasrine was screened
at the Houses of Parliament. 

Credit is due to Tears For Fears who approved the use
of Everybody Wants To Rule The World for the opening
title sequence. By doing so they have helped to raise
awareness of the issues highlighted by the film and to
make I Am Nasrine the success it has become.

To watch the clip, click here.